Product range

We have built a diversified business across client channels, asset classes and regions.

We invest in a broad range of asset classes across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and emerging market debt, commodities and real estate. In addition to institutional segregated mandates, we manage over 610 funds in 19 countries.

Asset Management

All our investment strategies are actively managed with the objective of outperforming a benchmark or target agreed with the client.

We believe that active management can generate significant incremental value over the long term by compounding returns in excess of what can be achieved by matching a benchmark index. In making investment decisions, our starting point is to think long term, to gain a deep understanding of a company’s strategy and to support management, where possible, in the delivery of their strategy. 


Fixed income


Emerging Market Debt, Commodities & Real Estate

Wealth Management

Wealth Management offers portfolio management, wealth planning and specialist banking services, including liquidity management and lending services, to high net worth individuals, family offices, intermediaries and charities.

Our largest business is in the UK, with significant businesses in the Channel Islands and Switzerland. We also have a Wealth Management presence in Frankfurt, Gibraltar, Milan, Madrid, Hong Kong and Singapore. As the global mobility of high net worth individuals increases, this model allows us to ensure we can meet the service expectations of our clients.

We are one of the UK market leaders in investment management services for charities, with a specialist team in this area. We provide a personal service tailored to meet the needs of charities and charitable trusts.

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*All figures as at 31 December 2016