Australian Shares

Schroder Wholesale Australian Equity Fund

An actively managed Fund has a long standing track record of adding value above the benchmark ASX S&P 200 Index. This fund provides access to a well-diversified, risk controlled portfolio of high quality companies.

The fund draws on Schroders Australia’s deep research capabilities with a long term focus and wide perspectives by assessing the influences globalisation of industries and markets has on effective analysis of the Australian equity landscape.

Schroder Equity Opportunities Fund

An unconstrained actively managed portfolio investing in a broad range of companies predominantly from Australia. The Fund does not follow the index weighting of stocks, instead it is far less constrained in accessing opportunities across the spectrum of listed companies both large and small. Stock selection is at the core of the investment process, based on intensive in-house company analysis undertaken by Schroders’ highly experienced Australian investment team.

Schroder Microcap Fund

An actively managed portfolio investing in listed companies predominantly from Australia with a market capitalisation in excess of AUD10 million that are outside the top 250 ASX listed companies or with an equivalent market capitalisation. The strategy invests in a broad range of micro cap companies specifically seeking out undervalued companies with the potential to offer superior and visible growth. Micro cap companies can provide potentially superior investment returns over the long term providing an excellent complement to mainstream, larger-company investments.