Outlooks 2017


Fixed Income

25JAN 2017

Outlook 2017: Emerging market debt relative

2017 may prove a challenging year with consensus expecting a firm US dollar; however any change to this view could see a considerable rally and fundamentals for many emerging markets have improved.

Economic Views

13JAN 2017



05JAN 2017


60 seconds with Rory Bateman on equity drivers in 2017

Rory Bateman highlights three key themes likely to drive European equity performance in the year ahead.

04JAN 2017


60 seconds with Duncan Owen on real estate's prospects in 2017

Duncan Owen looks at where the winning cities for real estate investors in Asia and Europe are likely to be.



29DEC 2016

Economic Views

Outlook 2017: US multi-sector fixed income

Politics and policy will drive markets in 2017.

23DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: US small & mid cap equities

It remains to be seen what President-elect Donald Trump will actually do but his victory does seem to argue for investments in more US-centric parts of the market. We do believe he will achieve many of his goals but they seem to be close to fully priced in.

23DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: US equities

We are constructive on the outlook for US equities given stable economic growth, predicated on sustained strength in the consumer whose forward propensity to spend appears strong.

22DEC 2016


60 seconds with Alex Tedder on global equity opportunities in 2017

Alex Tedder explains how Donald Trump's policies could affect global stockmarkets in 2017.

22DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Greater China equities

Despite policy uncertainty, the region still offers promising long-term opportunities.