Managers' views

06MAR 2018

How does e-commerce stack up on emissions?

We look at how shopping online could help consumers reduce their carbon footprint.



05FEB 2018

Video Webcast

60 seconds on Climate Progress Dashboard points to 4.1°C rise

Schroders analysis implies falling oil and gas production is offset by lower investment in clean technologies, leaving the climate dashboard pointing to a 4.1° rise.


16JAN 2018

Managers' views

Sustainable Investment Report Q4 2017

In this month's infographic we focus on the cost of opioid addiction in the US and the labour standards blindspot in the UK.

15JAN 2018

Outlook 2018

Outlook 2018: Sustainability

Examining companies without considering the social and environmental backdrop that will define future leadership is becoming increasingly untenable.

11JAN 2018

Thought Leadership

Climate change: it's not black and white for fossil fuels

Our experts believe that dialogue with individual companies about their plans will be more effective than divesting from the industry completely.



01DEC 2017

Managers' views

Sustainability and sovereign fixed income

In December 2016 the City of Portland, finding itself subject to criticism about individual holdings, decided to divest totally from equities and bonds in favour of “uncontroversial” assets such as sovereign bonds. This move may be less socially progressive than it first appears.


28NOV 2017

Managers' views

Bon Bonn? What the UN Climate Conference taught us

The 23rd UN Climate Conference (COP23) in Bonn showed that the world needs to seriously accelerate efforts to counter climate change.


26OCT 2017

Managers' views

Why investors are poring over water losses

Climate change is putting additional strain on water infrastructures, but opportunities are springing up as a result.