Knowing what to do with insights is the key that unlocks value for you. Our investors and analysts globally have the knowledge and experience to do this for you. We seek to integrate ESG considerations into our research and overall investment decisions across investment desks and asset classes.


Q3 2017 Sustainable Investment Report


In our Q3 2017 report we explain how we analyse the investment impact of climate change through our Climate Progress Dashboard. We also look at the investment implications of resistance to anti-biotics; whether smoking or obesity poses a greater investment risk; and how culture fits in to the governance agenda. As usual, we also share details of our ESG engagements for the quarter.


Annual Sustainable Investment Report 2016

Our 2016 Sustainable Investment Annual report re-enforces our commitment to integrating ESG into our investment processes across asset classes and holding companies to account for their ESG performance. We share our latest research on climate change and process safety, case studies on engagements that produce change and some that have failed, and a high level overview on voting and engagements. We are also providing clarity on ESG terminology and updates on policy changes. Finally, to highlight the end consumer interest in ESG, we discuss the ESG results from our Global Investor Study.


Q2 2017 Sustainable Investment Report 

In this quarter’s Sustainable Investment Report we explore corporate controversies concluding that ESG ratings are of little help in identifying companies that will face them. We also provide a summary of our new framework for ESG integration in sovereign bond investment and discuss Stewardship Codes and the erosion of shareholder rights. Our ESG engagements for the quarter are also shared as usual.



Q1 2017 Sustainable Investment Report 

In our Q1 2017 Sustainable Investment Report we share our new Sustainability branding and our Intelligent investing approach with you. We also discuss carbon value at risk, the rise of founder-CEO firms, investor expectations on sugar, bribery and corruption in emerging markets, corporate governance in Australia and our public policy activities. As usual, we also share details of our ESG engagements for the quarter.



Q4 2016 Sustainable Investment Report 

In our Q4 2016 Responsible Investment Report we discuss ESG in Japan, financial consumer protection, improving viability statements and long term planning, debunking the ESG myths, the investor’s role in low-cost healthcare and the greener future of energy storage. As usual, we also share details of our ESG engagements.




Q3 2016 Sustainable Investment Report 

In this quarter's Responsible Investment Report we look at climate risk at a portfolio level, ESG fund ratings, US corporate governance and the impact of recent modern slavery regulation in the UK. We also share details of our ESG engagement in this quarter.




Q2 2016 Sustainable Investment Report 

In our Q2 Responsible Investment Report, we look at the road that led us to Brexit and why investors should be caring about sharing. We also bring you details of our ESG engagement this quarter, demonstrating how we are integrating ESG thinking into our investment processes.




Q1 2016 Sustainable Investment Report 

Our Q1 Responsible Investment Report focuses on turning sustainable intentions into fiduciary practice. We also feature some of our thoughts on the oil and gas industries and how raising animal welfare standards can reduce risk. As usual, details of our ESG engagement for the quarter is also included.




Q4 2015 Sustainable Investment Report 

In our final Responsible Investment Report of 2015, we discuss the recent Paris climate talks as well as focusing on energy across the oil and gas, thermal coal and electrical equipment sectors. We also include details of our ESG engagement for the quarter and how we integrate this into our investment processes.




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