Flight paths

Pension scheme trustees are seeking comfort that funding level risks are being managed. They want to plan with confidence towards a better funded and lower risk position for their pension scheme. What's stopping them?

Schroders has two Flight Path offerings: Flight Path and Flight Path Swift. These enable trustees of all pension schemes to access a Flight Path solution that's right for their scheme.

Schroders Flight Path

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Liability Driven Investment and Flight Paths Jargon Buster

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03OCT 2016

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A compelling case for commodities

Following a number of years of poor performance from this asset class, we feel it is time to re-evaluate the case for commodities within the context …

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30SEP 2016

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The role of multi-asset in a low yield environment

As a result of years of quantitative easing, government bonds now look very expensive; a third of them are even trading at negative yields. So where …