2016 US Presidential Election


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12MAY. 2017

The story of the global economy in pictures - May 2017

In this month's infographic we look at whether dollar strength has reached a turning point, how the UK election offers hope for a softer Brexit and the political turmoil in South Africa.

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11MAY. 2017



12ABR. 2017

Estudio Global de Inversión

Q2 2017

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q2 2017. In this edition we look at the impact of populism on markets, discuss our 30-year return forecasts and ask whether the US economy has become less dynamic.


01MAR. 2017

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Focus turns to the Fed after few policy clues from Trump

Trump’s address to Congress was light on detail but his job creation plans pose inflationary risk, and Fed officials are already taking a more hawkish tone.


24FEB. 2017

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What will drive UK equities this year?

In his latest overview of UK equities, David Docherty discusses the issues likely to affect the stockmarket this year, including Brexit, US and European politics, and China.

23FEB. 2017

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What next for inflation?

We explain why inflation is on the rise and look at the situation in the US, UK, Europe and China

14FEB. 2017

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Abe-Trump meeting positive for Japan

The meeting between the Japanese and US leaders was more amicable than many expected, leaving the serious battles to be fought another day.

03FEB. 2017

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Letter from America - part four: What will Trump's trade and defence policies mean for markets?

UK equity fund manager David Docherty recently visited the US to discover more about the new Donald Trump administration. In part four of his findings, he examines Trump’s stance on trade and defence, and the implications for the wider world.

02FEB. 2017

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How Trump’s presidency might affect your investments

There has been a lively reaction in financial markets to Donald Trump’s election win, but what might his presidency mean for investments in 2017?