Managers' views

17JUL 2018

Sustainable Investment Report Q2 2018

In this quarter's infographic we focus on the battle against plastic and the overlooked physical risks of climate change.



20APR 2018

Managers' views

How prepared are car makers for an auto loans crisis?

With concerns growing about lending practices, Schroders’ sustainability team shares its analysis on how car makers are coping with the emerging threats - and opportunities.

16APR 2018

Managers' views

Sustainable Investment Report Q1 2018

In this quarter's infographic we focus on engaging with emerging threats from auto financing and the challenges facing the fossil fuel industry.


06MAR 2018

Managers' views

How does e-commerce stack up on emissions?

We look at how shopping online could help consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

02MAR 2018

Managers' views

The “Big Tech” backlash: How sustainable are Google, Facebook and Amazon?

The soaring scale, wealth and influence of the internet giants have led to growing scrutiny from society and regulators. Could their wings finally be clipped?


05FEB 2018

Video Webcast

60 seconds on Climate Progress Dashboard points to 4.1°C rise

Schroders analysis implies falling oil and gas production is offset by lower investment in clean technologies, leaving the climate dashboard pointing to a 4.1° rise.


16JAN 2018

Managers' views

Sustainable Investment Report Q4 2017

In this month's infographic we focus on the cost of opioid addiction in the US and the labour standards blindspot in the UK.

11JAN 2018

Thought Leadership

Climate change: it's not black and white for fossil fuels

Our experts believe that dialogue with individual companies about their plans will be more effective than divesting from the industry completely.