Risk Management

Schroders' fundamental investment philosophy is that markets contain structural flaws.

We believe that portfolio managers can achieve superior returns by exploiting inherent shortcomings revealed through detailed and careful research.

Some of our investment mandates have explicit market-related benchmarks, others are more focused on absolute returns. In the latter case, cash is often the implicit benchmark. Either way, to achieve superior performance and their return targets, our fund managers must take active risk-inducing positions.

Careful balancing of such positions can often generate the investment results that our clients seek. However, failure to take appropriate levels of investment risk may result in an inappropriate risk and return profile for our client portfolios. This may also expose our clients to excessive levels of return volatility.

As the fund manager of choice for our clients' investments, we take the responsibility of allocating and spending the risk budgets we are entrusted with very seriously indeed.

Quantitative Screening

Portfolio Construction

Dedicated Investment Risk Group