CEO Message

We thank you for your continued trust and interest in Schroders Korea and our fund products.

Schroders first entered the Korean market in 1976 to conduct research of individual Korean companies. In 1994, it became the first foreign asset management company to open a representative office in Korea. In 2001, it was incorporated as an independent investment management company – Schroders Korea Ltd. Since then, the company launched products that invest in markets of various regions. We would like to thank you, our investors, for your continued trust and interest in Schroders Korea and our fund products.

As a foreign asset management company, we have been actively participating in the local fund industry. In 2007-2008, we introduced the Schroder BRIC Equities fund and led the overseas investment boom in Korea. In September 2012, the Schroder Asian Asset Income fund was launched as the first official asset allocation fund in Korea, introducing a different investment approach to Korean investors. We continue our efforts in providing innovative investment ideas that investors can trust in changing market environments.

With lower yields, lower growth, and aging demographics, investors' demand for financial products that support their long term wealth management is increasingly rising. We understand that investment objectives tend to shift through different stages of an investors' life. We seek to provide products that mix sustainability and profitability that help our investors achieve their financial goals.

We aim to provide local and overseas investment products that investors can easily access by taking advantages of Schroder Group’s global network and rigorous risk management system. At Schroders, we are committed to provide products that pursue long term capital growth. We align our objectives with those of our clients by providing financial solutions that suit the various needs of investors in ever-changing market environments we face today.

With the commitment to maintain Schroder’s excellent reputation as a global asset management company for over 200 years, we will continue to provide you with sensible investment advice and competitive products so as to remain as your reliable financial partner.

Thank you.